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Shit Chat: How Babies Ruin Communication

My husband and I really love each other. We love(d) hearing all about each other’s days. Up until 35 days ago when Sadie entered our lives, we used to have chit chat about each other’s days every night of the week.

Whether it was over dinner or a Netflix episode on the couch, we made it a priority to hear how the other was doing after a day apart from each other in the big, bad world.

Then Sadie came.

Gone is the art of chit chat. We now communicate exclusively through Baby Time, an app we use to track the baby’s health that we have installed on both of our phones.

Here are a few screengrabs of how we communicate these days:

Not only does this new form of communication tell us how our daughter is doing, but when I wake up and see things like ‘Breastfeeding’ and ‘Pumped Milk’ as feeding entries during Ryan’s night shift feeds, it makes me love him even more for doing the feeds that I can’t, and for entering funny data that is Clearly inaccurate because he’s so exhausted. For the record- my daughter is exclusively formula-fed and my husband does not- to my knowledge- have the ability to produce and/or pump breast milk for her.

I’d love to say that I hate it, this new way of relating the day to each other. I really would. But I have irritable bowel syndrome and therefore I have learned how to talk about shit, and how to LOVE talking about shit, as a necessity, for a long time now.

So, yes. Babies ruin communication. But our new form of shit chat ain’t too crappy either.

XO, Em

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