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Learning: A Poem by a New Mom

Is it normal to stare lovingly at your baby’s face for over an hour and count that as ‘doing something for the day’? Yes.

Is it okay to keep your child in the same dinosaur onesie for days on end if they haven’t puked on it yet? Yes.

Is it okay on other days to dress your baby up like they’re going to a baby beauty pageant but you’re really just going to Walmart for diapers? Yes.

Is it okay to need more alone time than you ever have before? Yes.

Is it okay to bail on commitments and tell your friends that you basically need to put your friendships on hold until you can figure out how to ‘Mom’ to the best of your abilities? Yes.

Is it okay to take the only opportunity you’ve had to connect with your spouse in weeks and use it to binge-watch all 8 episodes of the new Stranger Things in less than 2 days? Yes.

Is it okay to look at yourself in the mirror on Tuesday and say ‘I’m a chubby wanker, I really need to work out again’, and then to catch your same reflection on Wednesday and think to yourself ‘goddamn I’m hot for being freshly postpartum.’ Yes.

Is it okay to accept that your house will basically never look like it used to and accept that as long as it’s still sanitary, this view of your living room is your new normal? Yes.

Is it okay to join a Mom’s group online and then be terrified to meet other Moms cuz what if they don’t like you and what if you don’t like them? Yes.

Is it okay to hate that lady at Walmart who literally looked up your baby’s butthole on the change table and pronounced that you needed to buy better diaper cream?? Yes.

Is it okay to constantly vacillate between feeling like you’ve got it all together and then having all these questions for other moms, like ‘is it normal?’ And ‘is this okay?’. Yes.

It’s okay.

It’s normal.

You’ve got this.

Please comment if anything I have said really spoke to you. I quit newspapers becuase they weren't interactive. PLeASE interact. Amen!
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