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We Can Do Better

I have read some awesome posts about International Women’s Day today. I love everyone’s spirits of ra-ra, women are awesome! That’s great, and we need that.

But we need some cold, hard facts too.

Ryan asked me one night in 2015 when we first started dating ‘if there was still a need for feminism in Canada.’

Thank goodness for me, I landed myself a man who is open to knowledge, and who was willing to listen to me spew facts for the next hour.

So here’s the facts. Please read them. Please.

• Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.

• 67% of Canadians say they have personally known at least one woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse.

• In Canada, every 6 days, a woman is killed by her intimate partner. Let that sink in.

• In Canada, in 2016, female workers earned an average of 75 cents for every dollar earned by men.

• On average, Canadian women spend 50% more time on unpaid work during the day than their male counterparts, including: chores, household shopping, childcare and eldercare. As a result, many women effectively perform a ‘second shift’ of unpaid work on top of their paid work, and this impacts their earning potential.

• In Canada, women who graduate university with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $69,063 annually, while men who graduate with a bachelor’s degree earn $97,761.

• Only three out of the 100 highest-paid Canadian CEOs were women in 2016.

• Just 8.5% of the highest paid positions in Canada’s top 100 listed companies are held by women.

• In Canada in 2012, over 11,000 sexual assaults of girls under the age of 18 were reported to police. Since we know that less than 10% of sexual assaults are reported to police annually, the actual number is much higher.

• In Canada, 82% of all victims of sexual assault under the age of 18 are female. 82%.

• In a Global/Ipsos Reid poll, the most common reason women gave for not reporting a sexual assault to the police was feeling young and powerless (56%). 40% of respondents said they stayed silent because of the shame they felt, and 29% said they blamed themselves for the assault. Others worried that reporting would bring dishonour to their families, feared retaliation from their attacker, or said they didn’t have faith in the criminal justice system.

• It is estimated that less than 1% of sexual assaults experienced by women lead to an offender being convicted. The estimate is based on a 2012 analysis of self-reported sexual assault data and court statistics. The majority of offenders walk free.

These stats- these are our daughters. Our nieces. Our friends. Our family members.

We can pay our women more.

We can promote more women to positions of leadership.

We can raise our sons and teach our fathers and our partners to be allies and defenders of women’s rights and bodies.

We can listen to women’s secrets and allow them to be heard.

We can do better than the last generation did with us.

We can do better.

• all stats pulled from– please visit for more education/resources

Please comment if anything I have said really spoke to you. I quit newspapers becuase they weren't interactive. PLeASE interact. Amen!
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