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Two Year Old Time Capsule

A Collection of Sadie-isms

My Muse, Looking Clever

I’ve been collecting Sadie-isms over the past 5 months and hoarding them until I had A) a suitable amount of them, and B) enough free time to author them into a post.

Sometime back in April or May, shortly after her second birthday is when these little sentences just starting flowing out of her.

The first one was a random weeknight when I picked her up from dayhome.

Since she was about 18 months old, I’ve asked Sadie reliably every day when I pick her up:

‘Did you have a nice day today?’

‘Who did you play with?’

‘What did you have for lunch?’

Some days, she might answer ‘Elly’, or ‘sausages’- but never a full sentence.

The idea was to keep asking- to let her know I was interested in her day while we were apart, and to give her some detailed opportunities to tell me how her day was.

So this one random day back in April, we’re pulling out of the driveway at dayhome, and I ask little Sadie:

‘Did you have a nice day?’

I turn onto the main road, fully expecting the nothing that usually follows this question, and from the backseat, I hear this tiny, clear, high-pitched response:

“I had a beautiful little lunch!”

I almost jammed on the brakes and hit my head on the steering wheel- it was the cutest little answer I’ve ever heard!!!

(P.S. upon further questioning- the ‘beautiful little lunch’ was revealed to be sausages and corn… beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder ;)-

Read on for a collection of some of my Favorite things Sadie G has uttered in the 7 months since then:

“Don’t worry, Mama, it’s just a grumble strip”- said to me as I drove over the centreline rumble strip on the highway to work and said ‘whoops’.

“It’s Not scary, just noisy”- this get saids to me (but more out loud to herself) as a comfort when anything Wild and Dangerous is happening (eg) the neighbour has busted out his weed whacker.

“ABC-GHI-JKL-MNOP-QRSTUVWXY & Z”- Sadie has been able to sing her entire alphabet (well- most of it- 23 out of 26 letters- for about 6 months now. But for some reason, the letters D, E, & F never get included in the song.)

“Chilly Willy, Hotsy Totsy, Spilly Willy, Cutie Patootie”- like a Southern woman in her 40’s, Sadie can and will rhymify any two-word combo into something adorable. Eg) “It’s Chilly Willy outside, better wear something Hotsy Totsy!”

“Aww- He’s cryyying!!!”- this has been a theme since around 18 months. You’re cooking and she brings you a teddy bear with a grave expression on her face- you ask her what’s wrong, and she puss-in-boots enlarges her eyes and says “It’s BOO BEAR- He’s Cryyying!!!!”. You must immediately drop everything you’re doing and tend to the crying stuffy. Also- it does not imply solely to teddy bears. Broken sticks can cry, ripped leaves she finds on the ground can be crying, a paper that has torn on the corner- many things will be presented to you as crying. You must kiss and hug them all and then assure her that they’re better now. This satisfies the little person.

“It’s just a wittle wittle Baby one”- this one is much like the crying one above. Pom poms that are smaller than the others on a craft, a Goldfish cracker that is smaller than the others, a caterpillar she finds- will be presented to you as “Awwwww- it’s just a wittle wittle baby one!!”

“I Just love you, Mommy” – said often, always completely unprompted, and usually while her pudgy hands are cupping my face.

“Not quite”- said in response when I ask her if something is ready, or pretty, or should we buy it. Eg) Me holding up a pack of newborn onesies at Winners for baby Number Two with beige mushrooms all over them. ‘Sadie, would your baby like this?’ “No- they’re Not quite.”

“You’re not my Daddy!”- said Very loudly, while pointing, to a man in Walmart wearing a camo print hoodie and a ball cap… then repeated, Very loudly, to the next 6 men we saw on the same grocery trip wearing camo hoodies and ball caps.

“Mommy, would you like a treat from my butt?”- said to me while driving longer distances. She digs into her carseat crevices out of boredom, finds the mashed up Cheerios and stale goldfish she was looking for under her thighs and smushed under her butt, and then offers them to me as snacks while I’m driving. I have yet to take her up on the ‘snacks from her butt’ offer- but the dear girl keeps offering regardless.

“Mom- look at that car with its head chopped off!”- said to me whenever our car passes a convertible on the road.

“You’re silly-

No you’re silly-

No you’re silly-

Don’t talk to me!”- a recurring game we play while driving. We point and yell at each other ‘you’re so silly’ back and forth, sometimes up to 20 times apiece, until Sadie ends the argument with ‘don’t talk to me.’ I Love this game.

“Ba ba black sheep, have you any Nool?”- Sadie’s version of ba ba black sheep. It has nool. Never wool.

Me: “Don’t feed those grapes to Mika, okay?”Sadie: “Okay, I will!”- does not quite grasp how to say ‘I won’t’ yet, thereby readily agreeing to do all the things you tell her not to do.

“My chip bit me”- gave her a Dorito one day in the car. She pushed it in her mouth sideways, chomped down, and the pointy bit stabbed her in the roof of the mouth. Much crying ensued. Will no longer eat triangular chips because of that time her chip bit her.

“Mama- Stop Grumpin!”- said to me while I’m being a cow to her Daddy in the truck. A very helpful reminder, and often gets the two of us laughing up in the front again.

“Cleam up, cleam up, everybody, everywhere!”- Sadie’s version of the clean up song. We don’t clean. We cleam.

“Is that funny, guys?”- asked of Ryan and I whenever she’s doing something Super Cool, like lifting her foot off the ground one inch. Thought we had until at least 3 years old for this to begin- but was sadly mistaken. Also- we have taken to answering the really lame tricks with the truth. ‘Mm- lifting your foot up is Not funny… wanna try something cooler?’ We figure it’s best to keep her humble ourselves- no need for the bullies to tell her she’s not cool first.

“Hoi-Yaaaa!!!”- yelled whenever she throws or kicks something. Sounds really impressive- the object never moves more than 1 foot of distance.

“Awww, look at your little peanut!”- this is one of my Absolute favorites. We’ve tried Very hard to be anatomically correct in this house. Sadie has a vulva. Mommy has a vulva. Daddy has a penis. But- Sadie has her own way of saying ‘penis’. Eg) “Look Mom, Daddy is peeing with his little peanut.”

“One-y two-ney hot cross buns”- sung to the tune of Hot Cross Buns- just Sadie’s version.

“There was a cranky in my bed at nap time today, Daddy! It was ME!”- needs no explanation; was Hilarious.

“Watch here, every guy!”- the crowd version of ‘is this funny, guys?’.

“At the Same!!”- said Very Excitedly when presented two equally favourable options. ‘Sadie, would you like juice or some cookies?’ “BOTH!!!! AT THE SAME!!!”

“What did I do-d?”- Sadie wanted to tell her dayhome provider all the cool things she did on vacation, but couldn’t remember them.

“Mommy- I found the perfect little person!!!”- Sadie walked 10 feet away from me at Shopper’s Drug Mart and a Canada post employee asked Sadie how her day was. Sadie ran back to me and exclaimed ‘Mommy- I found the perfect little person!!!’. The employee overheard Sadie’s description of her and started to cry. She came up and told us that Sadie had made her day.

“I’m just a little bit nerbous, Mama.”- said at least three times a day, about various things. “I’m nerbous of the friends; I’m nerbous of the dinosaurs. I’m just a little bit nerbous of the turtles.”

Sadie: “I’m so proud of you Mama!”

Me: ‘Why?’

Sadie: “You’re so wonderful to me!”- this little moment Allllmoooost makes the whole pregnancy, fourth-degree tear and 2.5 years of subsequent sleep deprivation worth it ;)-

Sadie’s Dictionary:

Motorcycle= Motor Bikel Bikel

(Mama, that motor bikel bikel is noisy!)

Hammock= Hammockuburger, sometimes called a hammocker

(Can I go in Noa’s hammockuburger with her?)

Firefighters= fire fire fires

(Don’t worry Mama, the firefirefires will come and put that smoke out)

Kleenex= A Blow-noser

Boogers= Boo-Gars

(I have Boo-Gars, can you get me a blow-noser?)

Granola bar= NayLa bar

(Can I have a nayla bar??)

Humongous= Hugin’

(Whoa!! Look at that Hugin’ truck!!)

High-five= a five-five

(C’mere! Gimme a five five!)

“Come on over, Rover!”= Come on over over

(Sit with me! Come on over, over!)

Side by side= beside-beside

(Remember that time we went in that cool car at camping? The beside-beside?)

Remote= Ma-rote

(Can you pass me the ma-rote?)

Cucumber= Cuke-n-butter

(Mm! I Like cuke-n-butters!)

I hope you enjoyed this little journey into the inner workings of Sadie’s mind.

People will say a lot of things to you when you don’t have children yet.

That they’re exhausting. That pregnancy sucks. That you’ll never sleep in again.

That you’ll never know a greater love than that which you have for your children.

But the one thing I wish people would have said sooner to me is that children can be frickin Hilarious.

This little two and almost a half year old has been legit cracking me up on the daily for months now.

She’s observant and weird and funny as hell.

Her comedic timing is Amazing sometimes, and I guess I never knew that could happen with your own children, or children so young.

I knew that you could love your kids in a way that made NO sense until you had children of your own.

But I am so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy her company.

I hope you got as much of a kick out of reading some of these as I did hearing them!

XO, Em

Please comment if anything I have said really spoke to you. I quit newspapers becuase they weren't interactive. PLeASE interact. Amen!
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