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Just Taking a Miserable Day

Do you ever just feel the need to Take a miserable day?

It’s not a ‘sick’ day.

It’s not technically a mental health day, either, cuz you might not even take the day off paid or unpaid work to have it.

It’s just a day where you’re like ‘Fuck This.’

Every little thing pisses you off, and you’re sick of trying to spin the positive.

You just want to Actively Be Miserable.

I’m having one of those days.

I just finished snapping at Ryan on his way out the door for absolutely no reason.

Then I kicked the bottom of the stupid diaper genie cuz it wouldn’t latch properly, and then I was pissed off that my kicking toe hurt.

And now I’m trying to type this out in blog format just to unload some of my shitty feelings, and I’m getting pissy cuz I can hear Lucy starting to wake in the living room and demand her next feed.

There’s nothing outright Wrong with this day or with me.

I just Want to be pissy today.

Eeyore does it all the time- he just answers straight-up how he feels and his friends just work around his moods. It’s great.

‘Have a great day, Eeyore’! Piglet might say.

And Eeyore just swings his head all low and heavy and mutters back ‘if it Is a Good Day.’

That’s me today.

I’m miserable and I’m Eeyore and I’m not going to fight it.

I’m not going to try and fix it.

No playlist or yummy snack or happy joke to lighten the mood.

I’m just going to lean into Miserable today and let it happen.

Hopefully I get a good sleep and tomorrow I wake up and feel like me again.

Anyone else feel this way from time to time?



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