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Do Moms Even Like Momming???

K so- fair warning- this might be the most negative post I’ve ever posted.

But in keeping with my promise to say what I’m really feeling and never shy away from the truth- I’m writing it anyway.

Do People Really LIKE this Shit?!!

And by Shit- I mean THIS-

This exquisite period of life where my one kid is suddenly tremendously annoying to me, running around naked, and literally Shits on my floors??

And the other one is in diapers and doesn’t sleep and cries ALL. THE. TIME. ??

People look at my beautiful little family and they wistfully say things like ‘oh I Miss those days!’ And ‘I wish my babies were that small again’ and ‘Oh you’re so Lucky!!!’

And I’m like ‘Fuckin Really?!!!!!!’

Cuz I don’t sleep.

My house is a fuckin Disaster.

My marriage is hanging from a cliff by each other’s fingernails of patience left over at the end of another crappy day-

And I Don’t Feel Lucky.

Yes- I feel lucky that I have children.

Yes- I feel lucky that I have the world’s most supportive partner and father to our children.

Yes- I feel lucky to have a home, and a family. A loving husband, two healthy daughters, and a loyal little rescue dog too.

Don’t get me wrong- I Know I’m lucky.

But Day In- Day Out, do people actually LIKE this shit??

This two under three phase???

Cuz I’m fuckin miserable over here.

Just want to know if I’m the only one.



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