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About This Blog

This blog was born when my daughter was born.

I have an Honours English degree and an Honours diploma in Journalism. I have been published in many places and even won a national award for journalism. As a writer, I got to meet many amazing people and had the privilege of recording and sharing their stories.

But I quit journalism because there wasn’t enough of the human connection.

So I taught.

I taught children from all over the world. I taught children aged 18 months to children aged 18 years. I became a Montessori teacher and focused on primarily 3-6 year olds. I LOVED it.

But then it came time for me to make my own child, and everything I’ve ever done started to make sense.

So this blog was born, because now it is me who has a story to tell.

It’s a story about parenting, birth, labor, delivery, miscarriage, abortion, mental illness, family, strength, hope, love, joy and everything in between.

My goal with this blog is to reach through your screen and warm your heart. To make you laugh, to make you cry. To help you feel supported in your darkest hours. To build a bridge across the world that connects other like-minded people. If this community sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please like and follow EmPowered Mama here on WordPress and on my Facebook page at EmPowered Mama.

XO, Em

3 comments on “About This Blog

  1. Cara Hancox says:

    You’ve sourced good quotes to keep yer fires stoked!.


  2. shelley mac Leod says:

    I like all thoses quotes ,alot were new to me.Thank you for sharing.


  3. Crystal Umali says:

    thats a pretty serious quote there….. but i like it…its interesting


Please comment if anything I have said really spoke to you. I quit newspapers becuase they weren't interactive. PLeASE interact. Amen!
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