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Community Connections and Links

My goal with EmPowered Mama is to connect like-minded people together through this blog.

I am fortunate to know some Amazing entrepreneurs doing some really funky work with women’s and children’s products. None of the following links pay me to show up here on this community page.

The point of this page is not to make money. The point is to make connections. If you are headed to your colleague’s house and she’s 36 weeks pregnant and you don’t know what to bring her, head over to Postpartum Queen’s website at and have a boo at their gift boxes.

If you have a niece or a son or a friend’s daughter in your life with special needs and their birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to get them, head to my friend’s adaptive children’s tools and toys site at

Over time, there will be more businesses, products and services listed here. I am open to any suggestions you have- anything that supports people and families is a worthy connection to me.

Xo, Em

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