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I Love My Baby!!!

I feel like a lot of my recent blog posts have been negative or somber, and that is totally not the intention of the blog, nor does it accurately reflect how I feel about life 98% of the time.

But that’s the tough part about writing- a writer typically only feels compelled to write something when they are upset, enraged, terrified, saddened, or otherwise all lit up about something.

Another thing about writers is that none of us want to produce anything that could be called a ‘fluff piece’- but this, my friends, is my equivalent of a blog post ‘beach read.’

I just wanted to pop onto my blog page to talk about how Freaking much I LOVE my baby!!!!!

Every morning that I wake up and get to look at her sweet little face, I think ‘Oh My God- you are the cutest little person and I love you SO Much!!!’ 

And then she looks at me and wrinkles her little nose and sticks out her little pink tongue and squints at me for a bit until she recognizes that I’m her Mum, and then she just lights up from within with a Giant, gummy smile and her little eyes start to dance and my heart explodes all over again.

I thought mothering would be hard.

Everyone says ‘oh, you won’t sleep a wink’ and ‘oh, you’ll have no time for your partner anymore’ and ‘say goodbye to your friends, you’ll never leave the house again’ and all these other terrible adages about parenting- and I just wanna hop on this public forum and say My Lord, is parenting FUN!!!! 

I know my days of sleep recessions and teething and toddlerhood are coming- of course there are hard parts. But while I am here, in this place, with a baby not yet three months old, who smiles at me every morning like I am the sun that blazes into her sky and allows her to begin her day- 

While I am here, in this place, with a baby not yet three months old, who sleeps in a bassinet beside my bed and gives me a solid 5-7 hours of sleep in between night feeds-

While I am here, in this place, with a baby not yet three months old, who has just learned how to lift her torso up and move her giant bobble head around and blink her bright blues at everything in fresh wonder-

While I am here, in this place, with a baby not yet three months old, who crawls up on my chest, gazes up at me and then falls asleep safely in the comfort of my arms-

While I am here, in this place, just completely devoted to loving on my sweet, sweet baby girl, I want to remember these days. I want to be thankful for them. I want to stay in the same place of wonder that she is. 

I cannot believe I have created a human, and that is she mine, and that I am hers, and that we get to love each other as we do. It is the most incredible feeling in the world. I just wanted to say that.

XO, Em

5 comments on “I Love My Baby!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Em, I remember these moments well with my children. Time passes all to quickly, enjoy every minute of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. carahome says:

    I love that you’re sharing your thoughts and feelings on motherhood, because they will change like the weather as Sadie grows and communicates more and more with each passing day.
    The bond you’re developing with this week one is the deepest link I’ve experienced in my life with my 2 grown babies. As you continue this upstream journey with this child, reminders so ‘straight from the heart’s will bring these special moments straight back to you.
    Keep it up! Motherhood is the most amazing trip you’ll ever have …..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. carahome says:

      Ahummmm. Meant to write ‘wee one, not week one.🙄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha I interpreted you correctly before the correction 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    Your post is breathtaking beautiful.
    Gratitude for the wonder of your baby girl Sadie.
    Love Aunty Dal xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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